Model# PF4848

I need the correct wiring of the terminal board as relating to the fan motor
hook-up and the single phase 220v wiring. Can anyone help me with tis? need
answers immediately.
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Receptionist picks up the phone "ACME Auto Body. Grace speaking" Voice says "Yeah, how much will it cost to fix my fender?" A raucous laugh emits from the receptionist's end. "$47,623.14" "WHAT?" the voice screams. "Well, that's our standard answer for someone who calls in and asks for quote without giving the brand or model of car, or telling us which fender is dented, whether any other damage is evident, if it's a standard or pearl paint, with or without pinstriping and flames. It's something we simply can't do over the phone, and certainly not without a bit more information." "Oh." the voice says, prior to the click of reality.
And did you mean UK 220v or US 240vac, hmmm?
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Larry Jaques
Seriously, that was a poorly asked question. But if I've guessed correctly, and you're talking about a pro-finish blast cabinet, take a look here:
formatting link

That was about ten seconds of my time with Google. at $200/hr, you owe me $.56 .
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