moving bridgeport over soft ground

Hey Doug... I got your email but "" seems to be invalid... if you send me another email, try a REAL address. :-)

James, Port Orchard.

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I know .. he did that to me lately recently too. Not even a link on his Web page .. dude does NOT like spam, can't blame him.

Me, I handle putting email addy's out on the Web thusly:

formatting link
I still get spam, though.


Ra> Hey Doug... I got your email but "" seems to be

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Karen Story

Sorry about that, Gentlemen. I've sent y'all properly formatted email that you can respond to if you like.

And, you're right -- I *hate* spam. Not sure why, really. One of them idiosynchronous things I guess. ;-)

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Doug Smith

That idea looks good but I can't read all the letters in front of the @ . Needs to be a little biger or better resolution. ...lew... ( not afraid of the big bad spam)

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Lewis Hartswick

Thanks for the ideas. What I finally used was 2x4 tracks. Rather than spend the money for 3/4 ply, I made 2 sets of tracks out of old 2x4's that I had left over from a framing project. I then used 2" steel pipes under the base and moved the spare track as the base moved onto the next track. Other than having to pay close attention to keeping it centered, it worked great and the cost was minimal.

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