Neat Sticker For Your Toolbox

I just bought some of these 3" x 2" toolbox stickers to give to a few
formatting link

They're from an eBay store, which I have no connection with other than
being a satisfied customer.
The place has a gazillion different stickers, mugs and T-shirts with
similar kinds of messages on them; something for everybody. The ones I
just bought can be located by going here:
formatting link

and searching for "tools". (Takes a while for the site to find them, be
Jeff (Who DIDN'T spring for the stickers reading "WARNING - Ironworkers
Have Harder Tools."
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Jeff Wisnia
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Anybody know where I can download a biohazard logo? I have some strictly nuclear grade (I already have the radiaon hazard logo) ground VERY hot peppers I call super sprinkles and need to make a suitable label for the shaker.
BTW, applied sparingly these really "spice" up a wedge of pizza.
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Ted Edwards
My toolbox always had the following prominently displayed: "A SCREWBAR DOES NOT A CROWDRIVER MAKE" Regards. Ken.
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Ken Davey
I'm not sure it's available as a sticker, but a button I've always been fond of reads "Will build Secret Weapon for Food"
Doug White
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Doug White

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