Need Wedges For Auto Restoration

A Friend needs wedges for auto restoration. 2" width 3" length 3/16" - 0" Taper per length Any Suggestions ?

Thank You Jerry

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I assume that you're looking for rear axle wedges. Better supply places could have them. Look for somebody that is dealing with rear ends. If you can't find them, just grab a piece of steel and get them to the mill.

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Bob May

Whitaker wrote in article ...

If you are looking for body/fender wedges, you might try to locate a body shop supply specialist........or even going to a local body shop and asking them to sell you a few.

Some are available through professional-oriented places like NAPA and Carquest, but it is unlikely you'll find them at the retail-oriented places like PepBoys and Auto Zone.

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Look for an automotive/truck spring shop in your area. Also check the autoparts store.

Wes S

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