New Albrecht Keyless Chuck

Hi Got home today and found that my new Albrecht Keyless Chuck had come UPS. Just got to looking at it, and it seems to be fairly well packed with grease? cosmolene? I wondered if anyone here knows if I am supposed to soak it in a solvent or the like before use? I checked the Albrecht web site and don't find any instructions there, and of course it's too late to call.

Thanks, Paul

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Paul B. Sutfin
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Yeouch. I'd just wipe excess grease with a towel and use it (clean the internal taper extra well with a towel and then your finger to make sure there are _no_ debris before installing). Removing the grease from inside will really mess up a chuck.



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Robin S.

There happens to be a lot of info on removing cosmoline at this time in the newsgroup alt.machines.cnc.


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