Used Albrecht keyless chuck repaired

I recently bought a used 0-3mm (0-1/8 in) keyless Albrecht chuck, mainly
for use as a handheld pin vice. It turned very smoothly, but was a
little too easy to turn and looked dirty.
Took it apart today. What had happened was that soluble oil coolant had
gotten inside and washed the original grease away, but the coolant had
run out of anti-rust additive, so everything was covered with fine red
dust, and most solid steel surfaces were stained.
However, there was no non-cosmetic damage, so I cleaned it all off
mechanically (not chemically), regreased it (with Mobil 1 synthetic
grease), and reassembled it. It works perfectly.
Joe Gwinn
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Joseph Gwinn
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Congratulations. That's the sort of thing that I find very satisfying. Sometimes I'll take something from the dump that I don't really want or need, just to see if I can fix it.
Keep up the good work.
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Bob Engelhardt

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