Opensided Shaper or Planer ?

I found item 7537241053 on ebay while looking for a shaper. (I'm not
affiliated with the seller.) The seller says it is a "hydraulic openside
shaper". It appears that the head remains stationary while the table moves.
Is this actually a shaper or a small planer? I have no way of moving 12,500
pounds so I'll have to pass regardless of price.
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I'd call that a planer. Like you, I don't have room for it
but I still want it! its only 45 minutes from me SWMBO would Not Be Amused did you see the frosting on the ways? ...
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Fred R
I've been drooling on that listing, too. And I won't be bidding, either. Deep sigh.
Adam Midland, ON
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Adam Smith
Went for five hundred bux. Sad.
Best regards, Spehro Pefhany
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Spehro Pefhany
There was a Rockford hydraulic shaper (28" I think) in seemingly mint condition on eBay in Michigan a few months ago which went for under $500. But I didn't have the space or the means to lift something that heavy so I had to pass on it too.
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Works out to 4 cents a pound!
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Bob Engelhardt

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