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For stuff like specific metal flat bar, rods, etc, there is no better place?
Like if you want to select from different types of metal and know what the
tolerance is, they make it super easy. And it's all there. Some prices are
high, and the shipping is a bit much, but I can't find stuff like that
elsewhere. Amazon cannot hold a candle to McMaster Carr when it comes to
selection and information.
I tried (onlinemetals.com) years ago but it seems they radically raised their
shipping prices since then.
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I've never found a best price on anything at on-line metals. I did buy a little brass from them once when they had a big discount coupon code.
McMaster-Carr is a pretty incredible resource with a broad selections, but for some tool steels like W1 and O1 I can sometimes find a better deal at MSC, but my price at MSC probably isn't your price at MSC. Create a business account and login, and the prices might be similar. McMaster and MSC both have pretty quick shipping. 1-3 days delivered same day order processing.
For basic metals Midwest Steel Supply has best prices I have seen on line, but they don't really have any tool steel. Xometry is sometimes close on a single piece, but Midwest smokes them if you buy more than one piece of the same stock and has an order of magnitude better selection. The only thing Xometry has over Midwest is fast shipping. They process the same day and ship the same day if the order is placed early. I cancelled my last order from Midwest after nearly 3 weeks. They are overloaded.
Somebody who is mill direct on something like Coast Aluminum may be an option. I use mostly aluminum, and if I can wait for their regular truck through town deliver is dirt cheap, and their aluminum price is better than Midwest. The drive through town every other week so I try to stock and time my useage. Its worth it. They also have stainless, but I have not priced checked them on stainless yet.
Good luck.
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