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I took over SWMBO's Singer last week and made an equipment cover for my wire
welder. The cover is basically a rectangle with the bottom missing. I used
ripstop nylon I got on sale at the local fabric shop. They told me the
material was waterproof. It's not. It's not even water resistant.
Believing the hype, I left the welder outside on the deck, where I was
fabricating new railings. Of course, it rained. I took the cover off and
found water standing on the shelves of the cart.
I went to the local Bass Pro, picked up some silicone spray used for tents.
The directions said put on two coats four hours apart. This time, I put the
cover over a lawn chair just before it rained again. I still had water
under the cover.
Is there an application, hopefully in a spray can, that has been shown to be
useful as a waterproofer for fabric? That won't leave an oily residue?
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SnA Higgins
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Ripstop is way too light for what you are making. What you want is (or was) called cordura, and you can get it with a urethane coating that IS waterproof. You'll have to deal with the seams, and you could put the ripstop thing you made on the inside to protect the coating.
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I have in front of me a can of "Ant Skid Rug Spray", which is effectively a spray-on rubber. (no jokes please)
"...cures to a colourless, non-sticky coating..."
I've used it for its advertised purpose, with good results. The rubbery coating is obvious, yet not intrusive. It is quite invisible.
The bad news: I got it from a clearance box, marked down to $5. Almost certainly out of business. I'm in Australia, anyway.
FWIW, the contact details from the can:
Liquid Rubber Dip and Spray Pty Ltd 20 Dewrang Avenue Bradbury NSW 2560 snipped-for-privacy@optusnet.com.au
(Hey! Same ISP as me!)
If we've got it here, you've prolly got something similar over there.
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