OT: fuel shortage in Phoenix (humor)

fact, stranger than fiction (as usual): fact- CBS 11 News in Dallas reports, "motorists in Phoenix spend HOURS looking for gas."

interesting, just what method are they using? is there any form of actual _economics_ working here? --Loren

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|fact, stranger than fiction (as usual): fact- CBS 11 News in |Dallas reports, "motorists in Phoenix spend HOURS looking for |gas." | |interesting, just what method are they using?

Last time I was in Phoenix there were plenmty of Mexican restaurants. Shouldn't be a problem.

Rex in Fort Worth

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Rex B

They said on CNN that it was a "problem" not a "crisis". I guess it's one of those tank half full or half empty things...

Best regards, Spehro Pefhany

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Spehro Pefhany

On Tue, 19 Aug 2003 18:25:37 GMT in dfw.forsale, Spehro Pefhany uttered this remark:

Similar to "unemployment is a problem", unless your unemployed - then it's a crisis.

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Capt Jim

guys, this is not funny,

I live in phoenix. Station are out of gas and most of them if they have gas charge betweeen $2-$4 a gallon. You also have to wait like one hour just to get some gas just because a brilliant mind has only one pipeline supplying gas to the whole state. The pipeline is shutdown and it might take 60 days to fix it. So now they have trucks going all over just to deliver gas. I can only imagine how much profit these companies are making yet they claim its not their fault.


Capt Jim wrote:

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Speaking of stress relieving, how do they handle daily thermal expansion?


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Tim Williams

Electric?! Are sure you don't want to delete that idea off the post? Especially right now.


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jim rozen

And the gas prices in Northern Ca. goes up over $0.25 overnight due to the shortage ? - balderdash - Because they couldn't sell us high gas due to the break - they will make up the difference ahead of time.

I suspect the large line from Tx is from the refineries in El Paso - there was three - don't know now. Used to be fun in the 50's when the three went to 'war' and drove prices below USD $0.05.

I remember one crazy day - riding my bike up the long hill to the Chevron station - and handing over a dollar and a gallon gas can. The guy laughed when I asked if it was enough!


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I've seen it in industry - JIT is just fine if the vendors are running their heads off and doing the work. One vendor (REP really) couldn't supply because the supply went dry - the the line went down. NO Safety Stock.

Thanks to Sony IIRC, for the JIT craze. I know Ford had it on the Model A, but it wasn't used as widely then.


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So how come Southern California gas just hit $2 a gal at the stop and robs?


Gunner, finding it hard to buy gas at nearly double the normal rate "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!" -- Ben Franklin

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I talked to a friend in NY today. I told him to Fed-ex me a jerry can of gas and I'd return it full of electricity :) Getting ugly out here - I've drained the lawn mower and my son's 4 stroke dirt bike. I've got several people who won't make it to work tomorrow in our office. Waiting in line with the truck off when it's 110 ain't any fun.

I don't understand the gouging argument at all. I can go two weeks on tankful. I'd gladly pay $10 a gallon not to wait in line for hours. I'd only have to do it once.


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why not just drive the dirt bike, i bet the cops wouldn't ticket you during the fuel shortage. then you wouldn't chance fouling your plugs with oil. --Loren

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Loren Coe

Why is it that the price of gas can go up three times in one day, and then it takes two months for it to go down?

Seems like they should sell all the gas in the tanks/pipelines at the price they have on it, and then sell the new stuff for the higher price.

It's a racket.


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Desert Traveler

Jim, Most of the electric vehicles recharge their batteries overnight. This is during traditional off peak hours so even if there were a few million of these electric cars it would not require any additional capacity in the grid. Dennis

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I've seen above-ground pipelines that have zig-zagged sections in. I guess they act as giant springs. If you got a few tractors, chained up, you could probably pull the springy section back and use it to flick

*giant* bogies (boogers in the US)!


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Alaric B Snell

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Glenn Ashmore

Yeah electric. I don't know of Phoenix ever having a complete blackout, let alone 2. Our block sometimes looses power briefly during lightning storms, and once for a few hours when a transformer blew (BANG). We have this really big nuClear plant just up wind a ways that keeps the AC going. Plug in over night when nobody is using power, and you didn't have to wait in line.

Right now? Right now we have a gas issue. We've had one before because of some refinery in California. Now they want to build a refinery here. We have 360 some odd sun shiny days a year! They could put up solar over every mall and parking area and more than make up for all the fuel, plus we'd have covered parking.

Joel. phx

NEWS Pipeline scheduled to be tested Tuesday night (yesterday?). Company is expecting deliveries by the weekend. They shut down a 60,000 barrel/day (I think I quoted gallons from the Sunday paper) pipeline. T's 76 station was selling gas at 3.79, 3.89, and 3.99.

Refueling tanker holds 9,000 gallons. At 15gal fillups, that's 600 cars. Don't be 601!

Photo of someone pulling a wagon of gas cans. 2 gallon fillups for $10.

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Joel Corwith

Being slightly thick headed, at least according to my kids, you lost me on the stress relief.


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John T. McCracken

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