OT - Generac generator engines

I've found and old generac propane engine,

4 cylinder, I think it's a 2.6L

Does anyone know who makes this engine?

I need a distributor cap, oil filter, and various other parts.

Long shot -- thanks.

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You can try asking this question in alt.energy.homepower, probably also there are some groups devoted to small engines.


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Hey Stone,

It's not clear whether these are missing parts, or you just want to do a tune-up and lube. In either event, if you take what-ever you do have to say a NAPA store, they may well be able to head you in the correct direction just by looking at them. For example, Chrysler made some propane engines, and if the NAPA guy could say "Yeah, it looks like Mopar stuff." then you could take the whole unit to a Chrysler dealer and maybe a mechanic there would recognize it. Or Ford, or GM or or or. Just a suggestion.

Take care.

Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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Brian Lawson

More likely a Buna, Waukesha, Continental, or some such. My old Red D Power unit was a small 4 cyl Waukesha. I think it used Prestolite dist.

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Clean it up and look for any clues - the name (possibly abbreviated) of the engine maker and the part number cast into the side of the engine block might provide you with some useful hints. ;-) Any junkyard can translate the casting numbers to an engine model.

Generac builds some of their own engines, and others they buy from Ford, General Motors, Isuzu, Deutz, Caterpillar, Wisconsin, Navistar, Hercules, etc.

The only outside supplier name I could find them admitting to at the moment is Ford, but engines are expensive to design and build from scratch if you can order them already built for less.


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Bruce L. Bergman

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