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We appear to have completely disipated the infrastructure and momentum created by the successful Moon missions.

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may buy Russian transport services

By ALICIA CHANG, AP Science Writer Mon Feb 4, 9:28 PM ET

LOS ANGELES - NASA hinted that it might rely on Russian rockets to deliver crew and cargo to the international space station when the shuttle fleet is retired in 2010 if private space companies fail to fill the gap.

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NASA may buy Russian transport services

As part of the R&D into the Mars mission they wanted to look at the Saturn rockets and they are having a hard time finding archives on it. Now where did I put my flasses?

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> NASA may buy Russian transport services

I had a chance to meet Jim Kelly (not long ago) STS-114 and during his presentation he talked about future flights with the Russians.

It was more than a hint, it sounded like a fact.

Eileen Collins was with him and they gave a good overall look at the future of the program.

Regards Daveb

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