OT: The EPA Silences a Climate Skeptic

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Around this time, Mr. Carlin and a colleague presented a 98-page
analysis arguing the agency should take another look, as the science
behind man-made global warming is inconclusive at best. The analysis
noted that global temperatures were on a downward trend. It pointed
out problems with climate models. It highlighted new research that
contradicts apocalyptic scenarios. "We believe our concerns and
reservations are sufficiently important to warrant a serious review of
the science by EPA," the report read.
To relate this to the RCM group, what do you suppose will happen to
the price of metals when the Carbon Sequestration Police get ahold of
the fuels which power the smelters and forges? CHA CHINNNNNG!
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Larry Jaques
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Not to mention my job. All that aluminum, steel, and cast iron needs a lot of energy to produce. Then on the flip side, it takes a lot of energy to cut it into shape.
Might as well sign the death warrent on the metal industry now.
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Good thing that not many livelihoods rely on metal! If aliens from outer space are monitoring Earth, are they are laughing more at the stupidity of "Jerry Springer" or Democrats? ...oh wait, same thing.
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Consider a ftl space faring alien watching us as they come closer and closer watching our TV emanations from decades past. They likely are marveling in how fast we are destroying ourselves. I'm thinking they will move on to another solar system to conquer that and wait for us to do the job ourselves.
Wes -- "Additionally as a security officer, I carry a gun to protect government officials but my life isn't worth protecting at home in their eyes." Dick Anthony Heller
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So you are saying that the WSJ in reporting how the Obama administration is not being transparent and open has somehow declined in reporting news. It seems to me that you believe news reporting is only good when the news is something you argee with, instead of being news that disagrees with how you want the world to be.
And it appears that you do not like it when there is open discussion of science and the free market place of ideas determines what is believed. Instead you want dissenting opinion to be suppessed just as the Obama administration is doing.
I know you are capable of better arguments than in your last post. I can not say " Excellent Post " on this one.
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In article , Too_Many_Tools wrote:
Given that his report has not yet been made public, isn't this just a tad premature?
Now that the WSJ has rung the bell, I expect that the EPA will be forced to release the report, and we will soon be hearing reviews pro and con. We will also be able to read the report ourselves. And decide if the ice-floe punishment is deserved.
Joe Gwinn
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Joseph Gwinn
On Thu, 9 Jul 2009 22:35:35 +0000 (UTC), the infamous snipped-for-privacy@green.rahul.net (Edward A. Falk) scrawled the following:
"respected science blog"?
-- I'll try being nicer if you'll try being smarter.
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Larry Jaques

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