OT - Why is this news story not big on US news channels?

Perhaps it was the one in Halifax that I was thinking of. There was one in NJ during WWII that took out a large chunk of the docks IIRC, it was at first thought to be sabotage.
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And lo, it came about, that on Fri, 8 Aug 2003 19:39:35 GMT in rec.crafts.metalworking , "Ken Finney" was inspired to utter:
Its getting the stock materials that's the bottle neck. The rest of it is just precision machining, and some fussy electronics.
Typical nerd stuff.
tschus pyotr
pyotr filipivich. as an explaination for the decline in the US's tech edge, James Niccol wrote "It used to be that the USA was pretty good at producing stuff teenaged boys could lose a finger or two playing with."
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And lo, it came about, that on Sat, 09 Aug 2003 01:06:19 GMT in rec.crafts.metalworking , Marv Soloff was inspired to utter:
Not just Saddam, but everyone else who watch the coverage of Gulf War I and realized the Americans had some pretty neat weapons which can really ruin your day. So they've been putting things further underground.
Like the Libyan chemical weapons factory built in a mountain. (Vive France!)
Or the North Korean Peace and Prosperity devices they don't have, in the bunkers they don't have, from the nuclear enrichment program they don't have. We know they don't have it because Jimmy & Bubba both said the North Koreans had agreed not to make any more.
Hey, don't worry, they're with the Government and they're here to help us.
tschus pyotr
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