Propane conversion (some metal content)

Let's put it this way. A local NG producer bought all the stuff to compress the gas and run there trucks off it (to check the wells). They quit using it because of the expense and trouble. Not a good sign IMO.

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Wayne Cook
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In the states getting pure Propane is a bad bet. Normally a mix of hydro-carbons. Propane and Butane and whatnot - a.k.a. LP gas. The mixture might change depending on the outside air and price.

Butane goes liquid as temperatures drive towards freezing. Propane won't.


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Martin H. Eastburn

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Around here it may get near/at/below freezing 1-3 nights/year.

That's why Butane's popularity was so high in this area.

Butane, now, seems to be used mostly in "lighters" and "pocket torches".

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I must confess my ignorance of what they are using to fill my BBQ tanks, but family tradition dictates steaks on Christmas eve, and I have yet to encounter a problem, even if I have to wear my parka plus fleece liner to accomplish it! Gerry :-)} London, Canada

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Gerald Miller

Gerald Miller wrote in news:

Your grill runs on Propane.

If it were Butane it wouldn't work at all.

Down here - along the Texas Gulf Coast - we often head to the beach to enjoy the mild weather at Christmas and, often, lack of mosquitoes.

Barbecueing, there, is usually over a driftwood fire.

After all, it's usually in the mid 80s at that time of year.

The fishing's usually pretty good, too.

BTW, I've got a small question for you: After you go ice fishing, how do you cook the ice?

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You take an accountant or an MBA along and carve the ice to the shape of a book.

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clare at snyder dot ontario do

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Just like cooking rice!

(Shades of Foster Brooks!)

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Boil it, then throw in a couple tea bags to enhance the flavour. Gerry :-)} London, Canada

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Gerald Miller

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