Sargon Pathfinder DRO system

I have a chance to purchase a 3 axis Sargon Pathfinder for (asking) $300. There is a problem with the Y encoder, however being 18" long (I need about

12max), I would have to replace that anyway. The other encoders are the correct size and in good working order.

It is possible I can repair the encoder reader unit since it appears the wires have been pulled.

First; what is the reputation of these Pathfinders (circa '90s)? What features do or don't they offer? Is there a site where I can look at the manual?

I know that the encoders are the glass type. Could I interchange most any of the common encoders, I see on eBay?

Can a glass encoder be cut down in length?? Never seen that proposition discussed here.

Looking forward to comments and experiences.


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