scrap yards in Houston

I have just relocated to Houston TX. Does anyone out there know where
any good scrapyards are at in the Houston area? I am in NW Harris
County by the way.
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Douglas Baugher
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Try the Gulf Freeway (I 45) during rush hour.
Bob Swinney
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Robert Swinney
Doug, Here is a copy of my address book...Some of the phone numbers may not be up to date, so you may have to look them up.
Eddy Wells Conroe
Rutland Tool and Supply --- Rutland has a store here in Houston and sells a wide range of machine and cutting tools. 6605 Roxburgh, Suite 100, Houston Ph 713-937-4787
Wholesale Tool --- This company also has a store in Houston and sells machine shop supplies and tools. 8100 Pinemont, Houston Ph 713-895-7777
Bass Tool & Supply --- Bass Tool is a Houston company that sells high quality cutting tools and supplies. 10600 Hempstead #100 Houston Ph 713-682-1889
MSC Industrial Supply --- NY based with a huge catalog and very good service. Machine tools, supplies, and cutting tools. Ph 1-800-645-7270
Rose Steel Center --- Rose is my favorite place to get new and old steel, also aluminum and stainless. 2001 Taylor ( 1 block South of I10 ) Ph 713-880-7088
Triple-S Steel Supply --- New and used steel. 6000 Jenson Drive Ph 713-697-7105
Union Iron and Metal --- New and used steel, sometimes they have old machine tools for scrap. 2820 Holmes Road Ph 713-799-9960
Trident Company --- New aluminum and stainless as well as CR 1018 for fine work. Sometimes they have barrels with drops they sell at a much reduced price. 9501 Baythorne Ph 713-462-2410
Electronic Parts Outlet --- New and surplus electronic parts, some mechanical parts such as motors etc. 3753-B Fondren Ph 713-784-0140
J&T Industries --- This is a REAL surplus dealer. Although they have mostly electronic stuff, they also have all sorts of other surplus items, mostly military 5025B Gessner Rd. Ph 713-896-0025
J&L Industrial Supply --- This is the local sales office for a very large metalworking products supplier. 13230 Hempstead Hwy., Ph 800-521-9520
Lathrop's Jeweler Supplies --- An excelect source of small tools, sheet copper and brass, investment casting materials, and plating equipment and supplies. 6704 Ferris Street, Bellaire, Ph 713-665-2699
Regal Plastic Supply --- This is the best and easiest place in town to buy all types of plastics. Scrap acrylic is only 50 cents a pound. 1700 Wirt Rd., Ph 713-957-854
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Now Now Bobbie,
If alla you yankies hadn'ta come down here looking for a job, there wouldn't be any scrap cars on our freeways...He hee
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Smile when you sez, yankies. I'm not all that far north of you.
Bob Swinney.
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Robert Swinney
Pretty funny. I value my life too much to run that gauntlet during rush hour. While visiting Houston a couple of years ago I saw a Saturn spin out after being clipped from behind. It just happened to be on the Gulf Freeway.
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Douglas Baugher
NW Houston is fairly wide. You could be in Spring or in Humble.
Go to, look in the Yellow pages, save your home (or work) address. Search for "scrap metal". There are likely some locations in east Houston around US 90, but there could be some toward Livingston on US 59 N as well.
Good luck and don't get caught in the traffic.
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Tom Kendrick
Tried sending you an E-mail, address doesn't work.
Arshram Scrap. Bout 1/2 mile north of 529 (Spencer Road), close to the intersection of 529 and 290. If you are coming from the NW towards Sam Houston, exit at 529, turn right on 529, go about a mile west, to the first stoplight (a filling station on the N side (right side). turn right (North) and go about .25 mile. Road runs right into Arshram. You can see the scrap yard from 290. You exit BEFORE Sam Houston toll road.
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Thanks for the info. I dont currently have a net connection since I am currently in between houses. You can send email to
Thanks Douglas
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Douglas Baugher

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