Scrapping machines

Two machines I will be taking to the yard as soon as I work up the courage.

20" cicncinnati shaper 5,000 lb according to the book. #3 brown and sharp horrizontal mill 14x 60 table 7.5 hp has swing arround universal head. weighs best guess 6,000 lb.

Both machin good running Yard is giving me 4 cents a pound, I would love to have someone else take them for that.

I posted this on the shaper group but though I should try here as well. I have a forklift that will load them. My zip for map ware is 18942 Southeast PA Phone 610 847 8873 email danbuckman at

if you want parts off them that's fine as long as it's after you drive away with the entire machine, then you can dump what ever it is you didn't want at the yard.

Otherwize please don't even ask as it will just make me feel bad.

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Dan Buckman
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