Knifemaking machines

I have 2 knifemaking grinding/sanding/polishing machines for sale.
They resemble the Stephen Bader machines and were hand built by my
husband. He has passed away and I would like to sell these excellent
machines to someone who can use them.
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This may be a difficult question to ask, but, do you have a price in mind?
Also, where are they located?
Do you have pictures or descriptions of the machines?
Thanks, and I'm sorry for your loss.
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Hi, I am asking $700 ea. Some time ago my husband was asking $1000. ea. The identical Bader machine sells for $1500. I do have pictures (18) on the Kodak Gallery site. I can send an invitation to view them. Is your e-mail address paul ? I am located in Pt. Charlotte, Florida. Thanks for your inquiry. Please e-mail me directly and I'll send the invite to the pictures. Thanks, Joan
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