Shelving Advice Needed

i am pretty savvy, wrt to shelving, and have assembled and
built it all of my adult life, just about every type for loads
under commercial warehouse needs.
now i am about to built some more, but would like to start
with a decent standard/bracket system. ideal would be some
type of "Herman-Miller" system, just to show the type that
i am contemplating.
the shelves will be loaded, mostly books, and placed 12-16"
below the ceiling in a frame home. the idea is to not impact
the existing floor space/furniture placement. these will be
to augment existing "normal" shelving units.
the only "off the shelf" solution (pun not intended) that
i am aware of would be just some normal type heavy duty
uprights (standards) and matching shelf brackets. i am
thinking that for a single shelf, attaching the standard
at the ceiling plate s/b adequate.
but what i would like is some kind of 'bar' that i could attach
to the ceiling plate andor studs, which would accept standards
or hanging shelves. this has been shown on the "home" channels
as part of an elaborate closet system but i have no idea what
to search for (on the web), or if there even exists a system
for general/home installations.
lastly, i would welcome any experience w/home spun solutions
that would fill this need. i have a rudimentary machine shop,
with gas/electric welding, and would be able to fabricate simple
frames of steel or wood. Thanks! --Loren
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Loren Coe
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On Sun, 30 Nov 2003 01:42:13 GMT, Loren Coe brought forth from the murky depths:
You might want to at least drill the floor and put in a lead anchor for a 4x4 upright. The holes are easily filled later if necessary. Google for Simpson ties for sheetmetal pieces which work with standard lumber sizes.
I used Sterling standards and brackets which Lee Valley now stocks (at prices less than I paid locally, grumble.)
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search for "Lumber storage" They're heavy-duty enough for books.
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Larry Jaques
If I understand what you are attempting, try the search word "UNIstrut". Used in industrial settings for all kinds of multi-use supports with near universal hardware. Available in most hardware super centers or elctrical supply houses.
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Jim Vrzal
Loren Coe wrote:
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Go to
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and seach for "shelving standards". Scroll down to the bottom of the page and look at the hanging track and hanging bracket. Is that what you're looking for?
Best Regards, Keith Marshall
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Keith Marshall
thanks guys, three good suggestions. late last nite i found the "hanging rail" and as i suspected, part of a closet system. no prices online, tho. the rail is lag bolted to the wall, up hi, like it must be into the ceiling plate, not the studs.
then the standards for shelving or drawers hang from that. i don't believe they need to be over studs. the standards you guys suggest may work as well and be cheaper. thanks again, --Loren
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Loren Coe

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