Simple Green dilution for pressure washer?

Can Simple Green Concentrate be used with a pressure washer?
Web search wasn't much help...
If so, should it be diluted?
Hope to use it with a 2700 psi pressure washer.
(Yes, Simple Green makes pressure washer cleaner, but I'm trying to use
what I've already got...)
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Caution on the use of Simple Green. It has been outlawed from use on aircraft due to corrosion traced to the use of the Simple Green. An acceptable replacement called Extreme Simple Green has been approved.
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Stu Fields
How about if you spray the item to be cleaned with a low pressure sprayer or even a mop/sponge, let it sit and then hit it with the pressure washer.
Are you using a venturi pickup or is it coming out of a portable tank?
How important is it if a soap/detergent residue remains?
Even though they claim non-toxic, if you were to use Simple Green (or any strong cleaner) in a way that generates a lot of mist/fine spray, some will get into your lungs and could significantly affect the surface chemistry. Probably not a big deal if it is way diluted but eyes and lungs could be severely irritated if used in concentrated form even ~ 1:10 diluted.
I'll also make a closing plug for the less famous Costco line of cleaners - detergents and degreaser.
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try it. I put 1/2 gal pressure wash concentrate in a 5 gallon pail. Then turn the soap valve on 1/2 turn. You want to see soap but not a ton.
You make get better results with simple green the way i use engine degreaser. Spritz the dirty item with degreaser and let it sit 1/2 hour, then pressure wash.
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Karl Townsend
Simple Green is nothing but a butyl cleaner with root beer flavoring. Oh, and a pretty color to impress the rubes. Why this is a success, when there are 1000 other butyl cleaners on the shelves, and have been for 75 years, is beyond me, but I suspect it has to do with getting away with making it smell like soda pop. I wonder how many thirsty toddlers that has sickened.
Now we have the Hispanic influence getting Fabuloso cleaner on the every shelf. Not only does this look like soda pop with its bright colors, it is in a bottle that looks like a soft drink. Idiot consumers!
There was a time when America put food in one type of trade dress and things not to be taken internally in another.
Next we'll have Red Devil lye in a Tic-Tac dispenser.
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Richard J Kinch
Pretty close!
But there is now a new concern, according to Connolly's team -- namely, the melt-in-the-mouth tobacco products recently put on the market.
Tobacco companies say the products -- which come in the form of flavored, candy-like pellets, sticks and strips -- are meant to give adults a smoke-free way to get their nicotine fix. But they could also end up as a new route for accidental child poisonings, Connolly and his colleagues say.
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Thanks to the group for their suggestions... I'd not considered the possible 'misting' complications for the lungs/eyes... And the tip of letting the cleaner have a working time before the rinse is good to remember. I guess I'll try a 50/50 dilution before adding to the soap tank... I have no idea what the ratio will finally be when it's venturied into the water stream... Chet
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For pressure sprayers (washers?) 30:1 to 50:1.
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"Pets ... Full strength" WTF? It's not for use cleaning your hands, but use full strength on your pets?
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Bob Engelhardt

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