Somewhat OT - Looking For 1/2 D NiCads

It seems as though most NiCad suppliers have abandoned the fatter cells. I need some 2-cell packs made up of 1/2 D cells. Basically, they are 2.4V, 2200 - 2400 mAh assemblies. Physical dimensions are about

1.3" dia x 2.9" long.

Does anyone here know of a source? I've tried DigiKey,, and a couple of other biggies, but no luck.

Thanks, Joe

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This place still "lists" 1/2 D cells, maybe they really have them?

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Another thought is that maybe some combination of lithium cells could get you the same punch in a small enough volume to replace two 1/2 D cells.



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Jeff Wisnia

I just checked with Universal Battery in Oklahoma City. They do have them.

405-848-9000 Respectfully, Ron Moore
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Ron Moore

Yost (Batteries America) lists them:

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Vaughn Simon

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