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Anyone have any experience with welding & remachining new teeth on a starter bendix gear? Is the ring gear hard & the bendix gear soft? My problem seems to stem from the bendix gear not engaging deep enough & I plan to modify this situation.

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You'd be better off replacing it. A bendix unit isn't that expensive. Lane

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In my experience from extending a starter pinion 16"--The ring gear is hard--The pinion is Very hard--when I brazed it on the ext. tube it was so soft i could not

keep the proper profile on the teeth---Going to try again with a new pinion & quench/harden it after brazing....

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Jerry Wass

It isn't worth it if you can get spares, Bendix drives are CHEAP. And what problem are you having? Might be your ring gear is worn enough that no matter what you do to the starter, it isn't going to help.


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Stan Schaefer

Check to see if the flexplate is on right. Odds are that you have it backwards and the ring teeth are further away from the engine than they should be.

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Bob May

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