TACO Zone Valve Power Head (Series 570)

I woke this morning to no heat in the north section on our home. I
check the thermostat and it was showing the demand at 72 degrees and
temperature at 64 degrees. I felt both zone valve and both were warm.
I didn't see the manual override lever. I Goggle the "Zone Valve Power
Head (Series 570)" and came up with a Manuel override. Piece of cake
from there; "Turn the thermostat off, twist clock to remove" Once off
I saw the Manuel level. Replace the unit close the level and we have
I found a unit online for 64 dollars plus shipping. I call local and
for a plumber supply that has one for 63 dollars plus tax. Almost the
same cost but no waiting for a few days as I played thematic control.
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On Fri, 11 Dec 2009 12:13:17 -0800, the infamous Winston scrawled the following:
Ya meant to say "nerd fu", right, Winsome?
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On Sun, 13 Dec 2009 00:25:17 -0800, the infamous Winston scrawled the following:
Proof that it's a long way to tip a Rarey.
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