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Greetings All, One of the industry publications I recieve is Indrustrial Equipment News (IEN). Looking through it this morning I notice the best pricing I've seen for new Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) are the ones made by TECO. Automation Direct has only one or two VFDs as inexpensive as the ones offered by TECO. Usually I buy stuff for automation, like industrial push buttons and enclosures for the buttons, from Automation Direct. The Teco VFDs have a few less features, like not being able to set the frequency above 200 Hz, than the Automation Direct ones. But it's unlikely that anyone reading this would use a higher frequency than 120 Hz. One nice feature of the TECO VFDs is the ability to change the carrier frequency in 8 steps to eliminate noise. The lowest priced TECO VFDs are listed below. These all come with a two year warranty.

Part # HP Input Voltage Output Voltage Price FM50-1P2-C 0.25 115V, 1 PH 230V, 3 PH $99 FM50-1P5-C 0.5 115V, 1 PH 230V, 3 PH $105 FM50-101-C 1.0 115V, 1PH 230V, 3 PH $120 FM50-2P2-C 0.25 230V, 1 PH 230V, 3 PH $99 FM50-2P5-OC 0.5 230V, 1 PH 230V, 3 PH $105 FM50-201-OC 1.0 230V, 1 PH 230V, 3 PH $119 FM50-202-C 2.0 230V, 1/ 3 PH 230V, 3 PH $145 FM50-203-C 3.0 230V, 1/ 3 PH 230V, 3 PH $185

For a price comaparison, ENCO has a Phase-A-Matic 1 to 3 HP static phase converter for $91. For 30 more dollars you can run your 1 HP motor at full HP and with variable speed. For double the price you can run a 3 HP motor. The VFD is a much better solution, in my opinion, to a static converter, and is well worth the extra $90. Go to this web site,

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to see all the specs, the manuals, and to order. I have nothing to do with either IEN or FactoryMation. These prices just looked real good for brand new VFDs with two year warranties. Cheers, Eric R Snow, E T Precision Machine

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dealerselectric also has pretty decent prices on Teco drives

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