Tim Williams

Dropped the books off at the airport, Tim. They have them in the
operations office, one bag with your name on it. I don't think I'll
be going there again this year, even though I was there to make a part
for one of the gliders, the reception wasn't the warmest I've had.
(Might have had something to do with me telling them that this time it
was going to cost. Hmmmm.) One of them works about three blocks from
my house, I told him he can pick it up, beats me having to drive over
there. Anyhow, the operations office is the building that looks like
a barn, and the entrance is on the airstrip side of the building.
Looks like a barn, because it was a barn. Mortise and tenon, with
wood pins locking the joints.
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Ok. I was there yesterday though.. no one home.. I thought you said you were by saturday??
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Tim Williams
Hmmm. Should have been, I know, I think his name is Don, was hired as the manager. It's not a busy airport, maybe they were in a hangar somewhere.
If not, try saturday, they'll be there probably as early as seven and staying that late in the afternoon. You'll see cars parked near one of the hangars, and a hangar with an office on the left as you go towards the strip. The office there is also facing the strip.
I don't know what their weekday hours are though, I think the gliders only fly on weekends without special arrangements. MIght be better to go there either saturday or sunday. Just watch out for spinning props. They don't forgive much.
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Lennie the Lurker

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