Use of a bridgeport shaper attachment

Sorry for the question, someone off line asked me and I decided to
relay the question here. How are Bridgeport shaper attachments useful,
how are they used? There are the ones that mount on the other side of
the "arm".
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"Ignoramus31678" wrote in message news:w6udnVwdR8b6LyTbnZ2dnUVZ
Making internal splines. Profiling shapes both externally and internally. Cutting internal gears. The tool reciprocates up and down, with the ability to pivot away from the work on the upstoke to avoid rubbing. Just like a normal horizontal shaper with the added advantage of being able to move the work accurately under the tool. For internal spines and gear teeth obviously you would use some form of indexing or rotary table to mount the work.
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Andrew Mawson
I've got one. My biggest use is for cutting keyways. I got it to add shaper ability to my shop without adding floor space trouble of another machine.
Warning: the tooling is damn near impossible to find. Not made new, and many are camping on every eBay offer. I've made my own, starting with 5/8 diameter HSS rounds. I also made a holder for HSS cutoff blades.
I have a .pdf of the manual if he needs it.
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Karl Townsend
Karl, thanks, I let him know. I am sure that he is interested in the pdf manual, my email is Thank you very much.
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