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I've recently put most of my Van Norman literature on CD-ROM. It amounts to about 100 JPEGS of literature advertising the #6 and #12 mills, accessories, letters from Van Norman, collet and arbor drawings (with dimensions), a factory blueprint of the cutter head, and an accessory catalog.

If there are any Van Norman #6 or #12 milling machine owners out there that would be interested in obtaining this CD, let me know.

Formerly, I sent out literature duplicated on my personal electrostatic copier; but, the quality of the pictures was very poor. The scanned pictures are much better (although, in order to limit JPEG file size, I reduced the quality, somewhat).

There's one caveat to keep in mind concerning home-produced CDs: CD-ROM drives seem sensitive to write speed. If your computer cannot read the CD I send, I can burn another for you at a different speed. This seems to do the trick. However, I always check to see if they can be read in another computer before mailing them out.

In order to minimize potential disappointment from #6 owners, I'll say right up front that my literature does not include an operating manual for a #6 mill. According to a letter I have from back in the fifties, V-N never printed a manual for the #6. What they provided at that time to #6 owners was a #12 manual and a typewritten, dittoed #6 "manual." I don't know if they ever produced a #6 manual after that, or not. My literature includes the dittoed manual. I had to do a lot of image enhancement to bring out the faded blue and de-emphasize the yellow. It is readable, now.

My accessory catalogue is much like the one posted on the web at...

formatting link
...except that I did my scans at 150 dpi; and, the catalog covers are different. I've not done a side-by-side comparison, so there may be other differences I've not mentioned.

To defray my costs I ask folks to judge the value of what I sent and to repay me, accordingly; but, to establish a base worth, consider my cost for the CD, CD box, $1.06 domestic US postage, many hours of scanning time, and many more hours doing color correction to get rid of the yellow cast from aged paper, assembling mosaics of many scans from blueprints, etc.



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