Where can i buy a minilathe in Brazil?

Hi all,
I am trying to buy a minilathe and a minimill. I am affraid that if i
buy on the internet from a US store, i will have to pay a huge custom
tax when it arrive (around 100%) plus the shipment, so i want to know
if anyone know where i can buy a minilathe or a minimill in Brazil.
I've hear that is possible to find in São Paulo, but i don´t know
Thank you,
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oi! tudo bem? ok, that's all i know. my wife is from SP. yeah, you would be looking at huge import taxes. not sure where you could get mini machines down there. my wife's asleep, but i'll ask here in the morning. but i don't think she'll be much help unless she knows someone that may know that info. boa noite!
Henrique wrote:
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