Who was looking for low cost drill press machines?

Thanks to a friend, I've got access again via Teranews. Not sure why it didn't work, but after changing the password and giving him temporary access, it synchronized with the group (all 270,000+ posts!!!).

I read a message a minute ago but did a massive purge so I lost the original poster's info...

Someone was looking for an inexpensive drill press to replace their Harbor Freight machine I think.

Here are some options with estimated pricing from 2006 or 2007:

Delta DP400 or 17-900 (3/4 HP $400) Jet JDP-17MF (3/4 HP $475) Grizzly #G7944 (3/4 HP $350) Grainger #3Z917 (1/2 HP $450) Jet JDP-20MF (1-1/2 HP $950) Grizzly #G7948 (1-1/2 HP, $600) Grainger #3Z919 (1 HP, $800) Ellis #9400 (2 HP, $2200) Grizzly #G0521 (2 HP, 3 Phase, $1250)

The following machines are all identical to one another or at least very close:

DAYTON 3Z917E, 3Z918, 3Z918F, 5Z146 DELTA DP400 DELTA 17-900, 17-901 DELTA 17-950L, 17-959 GRAINGER 3Z917E, 3Z918, 3Z918F, 5Z146 GRIZZLY G7943 & G7944 JET JDP-17MF PALMGREN 80153, 80154

Most are made in Taiwan by Rexon.

Although AutoDrill does not directly sell drill press machines, the brands above are generally well known to us and we have had good reports on them from customers.

One of the most important things to know is the RPM and horsepower requirement is for your worst application. You can see the following web page for a chart to calculate your HP needs in very basic form:

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