Wireless Networking - Update

In my previous post, I was interested in connecting my Linux based EMC2 CNC
lathe control computer connected to the internet for updates, etc. I also
wanted to get an internet connection to a cabin ~ 800' away though a weed &
tree line.
I bought a Buffalo ethernet converter and a Buffalo high power wireless
router ($110 total shipped). The ethernet converter has 4 ethernet RJ-45
jacks, I have my Linux PC plugged into one and plugged the WAN connection of
the router into another port on the ethernet converter. Now my Linux PC has
internet connection as do PC's connected to the Buffalo router. And I have
spare ports to add a security camera(s).
I used a Buffalo High Power notebook adapter in my laptop and was able to
connect to the internet at the location where the cabin is going to be.
This was without an external antenna on the notebook adapter and only the
stock antenna on the router. The placement of the router was next to the
outside wall and a few feet lower than ideal. I did notice my connection
depended on the direction of the laptop. If I run a directional outdoor
antenna at each end, I think I should be able to get a strong signal
throughout the year and in less than ideal weather.
Just thought this info may benefit others.
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