Yard Sale gloat

Bagged a 10" 1.5hp Baldor 3 phase bench grinder at a yard sale today, $15 with the lighted eye guards! This lists for over $800 in MSC. Too bad it's going to have to live in the shed until I can rearrange the shop to make room for it...

BTW, got a GPS receiver for my laptop. Using Streets and Trips, I "plan" a trip starting at home, and entering the addresses of any interesting yard sales. Do a little fiddling to sort for a reasonably efficient route and plot the trip. Just keep the GPS tracking icon on the green route, and viola! Hit more yard sales in less time, score more deals.


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Jon Anderson
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Way cool!


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Harold & Susan Vordos

good snag, but you are not right in the head!

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Was doing OK till I noticed that the left rear tire was looking a bit soft, "OK, I'll give it a bit of air when I get home" next stop, I realized I was gonna have to use the do-nut for the second time in fourteen years. End result is a replaced tire and a do-nut rim that is going out to Junior's future FiL for some rust removal so I can throw some rust paint at it. mounting the spare under the vehicle is not a good idea! Gerry :-)} London, Canada

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Gerald Miller

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