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Hi, I am using robotc,
I made a program and could somebody tell me why it is not working?
const tSensors touchSensor = (tSensors) S1;
const tSensors soundSensor = (tSensors) S3;
const tSensors lightSensor = (tSensors) S2;
task main()
while(SensorValue(touchSensor) == 0) //loop while the touch sensor is
not pressed
motor[motorB] = 100;
motor[motorC] = 100;
} //exit loop when touch sensor is pressed
while(SensorValue(soundSensor) >20) //loop while the sound sensor
is not activated
motor[motorB] = 0;
motor[motorC] = 0;
motor[motorA] = 0;
//close claw
motor[motorA] = 75;
//turn right
motor[motorB] = 100;
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