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Hope this is not out of line. I have several books just listed on ebay
which may be of interest to some here.
Among them are a few of Model Engineer Handbook series, and some of the
American version, the Model Library, a 1930 Starrett No. 35 catalogue,
along with Tyzack's No. 640 catalogue (any one know what year that would
be) it's a hardback 8.1/2 x 11 book, together with a number of watchmaking
books (Kemlo's among them).
All listing are under stoker_1st. Thanks for your interest.
Mike G. in British Columbia
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michael gray
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I have a sneaky suspicion that Tyzack catalogue 640 is from about 1940. I think 658 is from 1958/1959 as we found one with a dated price scrawled in it, and 624 seems to be before they took over the Billing Tool Co in 1927 due to the lack of metalworking lathes - so I suspect 624 = 1924.
If its 1940 I would expect it to list the 3 3/8 inch Zyto lathe in its pre-war version with the no 1 morse taper in the tailstock (I have one of these, and an older Zyto) - however the war interfered with Zyto lathe production, so I am not sure what was going on in 1940, but I have a fair amount of advertising guff on Zyto metalworking lathes before and after the war, so if you let me know what lathes it has got in it and prices, then I might be able to fix the date.
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Cheshire Steve
Steve, I've put a couple of the pages up at:
formatting link
formatting link
One is a Zyto page, the other a Drummond page.
Can you tell me which year the catalogue would be from from them? Mike in BC
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michael gray

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