Cotswold Beam Engine

While at the Donington show I bought a Cotswold Heritage beam engine kit. I thought it looked nicer than the Stuart when finished, and the quality of the castings was very high. I haven't had a close look at the drawing yet, but the fact there are 99 A4 size sheets is encouraging regarding the amount of detail.

Has anyone built this model, and if so did you stick with the metric fasteners or substitute BA ones? I would prefer to use BA as I cannot find a source of "scale" metric ones (in fact metric ones at all in some small sizes)-standard small nuts & bolts don't look quite right. Also if you have built this do you have any tips?



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Kevin Steele
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Kevin I think the building of this was serialised in Engineering in miniature from about feb thru august this year. You need to check the dates. Back editions might be had from Tee publications

I have just finished the stuart beam, it is nice but agree the Cotswold one is smaller & "more refined" Visited Cotswold base at stratford on Avon. all models on display . They make all sorts of models to commission and a peek into their workshop,quite large , was like an aladdins cave to die for. hope you enjoy your Cotswold model

Mike D

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Mike D

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