Drill Boxes

Hi all,
Cromwell Tools (std. disclaimer: no affiliation etc) are selling
SwissTech TiN coated jobber drills at pretty good prices: 6mm for 86p.
Plus a free penknife with every drill bit - handy for Xmas presents.
there are some odd price breaks, like 4.8 for 77p and 4.9 for =A31.82,
but I think I can build up a collection fairly cheep.
My question is: where can I get an empty bit box, with 0.1mm
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J&L used to do a full range of these (metric, letter, number, imperial) both boxes and stands.
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Kevin Steele
Cheers Kevin,
Couldn't find them online, so have applied for their catalogue.
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It's a bit of a miracle if you find anything you're looking for online with them!
Cheers Tim
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Tim Leech

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