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It may be of some use to somebody out here but I'm putting 215 Assorted mills on Ebay, the number is 2565360182. Approx. 95% are brand new , this selection is mainly slot/ end mills in sizes from 4mm up to 35mm some are two flute and others are 4 flute, also there are a few Imperial ones amongst them and 4 or 5 bull nose round cutters. Most are Clarkson but there are also Presto, Qualcut, Dormer, Hall and Pickles, and Osborn. some are still even boxed. Due to closing up shopI have found myself in the possition of having to sell many items, I also have a large quantitiy of Precision Ground Mandrills Ebay item 25653369799 these are also brand new. All the best Rob

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Rob Taylor
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