eBay Second Chance Offers

My recently sold on ebay Denford ORAC has attracted the scoundrels arround the world and now to my knowledge four people who were under bidders have received 'second chance offers' and have contacted me to see if they are genuine.

I have been able to reply to three, but the fourth 'instanter' is being blocked as ebay say I've sent too many messages in one day !!!

If you are 'instanter' or you know him please let him know it is a false second chance offer


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Andrew Mawson
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Sent a message just now.


-- Peter A Forbes Prepair Ltd, Luton, UK snipped-for-privacy@easynet.co.uk

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Prepair Ltd

I must be naive, what's a "second chance offer"?


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The idea is it allows the seller to sell to a lower bidder if the winner defaults on payment, or if the seller has multiple items for sale.

Regards, Tony

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Tony Jeffree

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