Filter success

This is to let this newsgroup know I have successfully set up a filter in Thunderbird to eliminate all messages from a certain crazy spammer who who insists on cross posting to many newsgroups from time to time. Even if he replies to this message I shall never see it.

Peace is restored.

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Clifford Coggin
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Peace was never disturbed, despite your infantile rudeness above in trying to disturb it.

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Gareth's Downstairs Computer

I don't see any problems on this group, but I have two filters - one called "politics" and one called "obscenity and trolls" - that run automagically on another newsgroup and make a huge difference to the usability of the group. Occasionally some new ID or topic twist pops-up but it only takes a moment to add it to the list. I will never understand why some people choose to display their peculiarities, problems, and stupidity in the way they do on the internet; I suppose it's better than doing whatever else they would do if they out on the streets!

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