FNK25 Works :) finished my first project.

Evening All,
Just a little update on my milling machine saga, Ive just finished my
milling project, so I thought Id post a couple of pics:
formatting link

Super Shiny:
formatting link

In case you havent guessed, or can't see the photos its a corkscrew.
My father in law wore out the original plastic body! As the rest was
good shape Ive made a new one. Hopefully the phosphor-bronze inserts
in the Ally body will out last him!
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dave sanderson
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As nobody does it, I'll jump in: **Nice** job!
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Nick Mueller
Great - its nice thats its something that is used (not that I'm implying that your father in law has a drinking problem) :)
Tim South Africa
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In these days of disposable everything I take great pleasure from projects like this. He now has a quality item that will serve for many years, far better than some disposable crap that will break after a few uses. And, when the innevitable question gets asked "so, what do you actually do with all these machines then" you can point to something that people will understand. Nice Job!
Regards Kevin
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On or around Sat, 20 Oct 2007 13:32:50 +0100, Kevin enlightened us thusly:
didn't use a milling machine, but I did make a new small part for my variable angle square, which restored it to decent functional order.
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Austin Shackles
In message , Kevin writes
Indeed a super job Dave, well done you.
Kevin's comments, with which I heartily agree, remind me of an old friend and engineer sadly now deceased. He was often heard to remark "If Man made it, Man can mend it."
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