Heads up : Scrapheap Challenge

New series on Channel 4 tonight at 5.35.
No3 in the series, Missed the first two
John Stevenson
Nottingham, England.
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John Stevenson
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I was thinking of you when I watched the first one John, they fitted a 3.0L V6 into a robin reliant to make a "wheelie" car. I know you have a soft spot for reliants (a bog, wasn't it).
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Kevin Steele
It's a Reliant Robin
( and yes I was shouting that at the TV every time they said it ! )
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Barry Ruck
I wouldn't mind a 3l v6 in my Omega Vauxhall :-)
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Rodney Pont
I'd like one in my Trabant GTi.
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It'd have to be a two-stroke though or you'd lose part of the trabby's charm - perhaps a couple of Wartburg engines nailed together?
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Nick Highfield

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