Lifting a Colchester Master 2500

What's the best way to lift a Master 2500 onto a low trailer. I was
thinking of using 2 engine hoists with a RSJ between them. I'd suspend
straps from the RSJ down to the lathe. Does anybody know what the
factory approved method is?
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In article , imagedude writes
If it's anything like a Chipmaster then there's a hole through the bed near the headstock that you can put a (substantial) steel rod through. Sling it from there with a strap and it'll balance. Kind of... ;^)
Worked well for me and my engine hoist lifted it easily.
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Nigel Eaton
The manual says to use a bed clamping plate - this has a vee way to sit on the bed, with a plain plate under the bed and a whacking great lifting screw eye holding them together. The 25 inch b/c weighs 1880 lbs and the 40 inch b/c weighs 1960 lbs.
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Andrew Mawson
Lifting the ML7 was easy, I used a fixed steady with the bronze fingers removed. Slid along to the balance point and clamped it made a very good lifting eye! I'm not sure that I'd want to try it with a much heavier lathe though.
Mark Rand RTFM
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Mark Rand

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