Need Some Spacers Making Up

Can anyone knock up some dural spacers for us?
We need 18 pces 32mm dia dural, 110mm long with M12 clearance hole all the way
through. 1mm chamfer on the OD and burr removed on the ID. Freecutting stainless
is an alternative, but we cannot use MS.
We haven't got our venerable LittleJohn lathe back into commission since the
move, so need to get these done outside.
Peter A Forbes
Prepair Ltd, Rushden, UK
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Prepair Ltd
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I would, but I'm off to sunnier climes for 2 weeks:)
However, I might know a man who can. Chap on here called David who ended up putting a groove in about 20,000 little plastic bushes for a job I have. And a very nice job he made of it too.
David, if you're reading this then it may be worth getting in touch with Peter F.
Peter N.
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Peter Neill

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