Numbering of chuck jaws

10" Bison self centering chuck that I bought new 5 years ago. Never used the reverse jaws until today (see digger post), and was suprised to find that although the jaws are numbered 1,2,3 the chuck body is not. putting them in in sequence and catching each in turn in the scroll they centered adequately for the job in hand, and the standard jaws went back in a similar fashion. But there is a one in three chance they are in the right slots.

Surely the body should have the jaw number stamped adjacent to the slot???


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Andrew Mawson
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I have a chuck with the numbers on the inside of the slot ,Look inside the slot near the top of the slot .

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I have a Bison self centering chuck and if you have the master pinion, the one with the 0 next to it, at the top then number 1 jaw is at the bottom, number 2 at the back and number 3 nearest you. Actually all my 3 jaw chuck are like that and not all are Bison.

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David Billington

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