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Hi All,

Trying to help a mate out to find an online source for M7 Iso metric coarse nuts and hex machine screws.

Any pointers?



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Bob Minchin
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A place i used a while ago may be of help.

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or could be but they are listed on the Model Engineering site and they carry a good stock of BA if anyone needs them,

regards, Terry

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Terence Lynock

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(Stainless only)

M7 x 1.00 x 25mm Hex Setscrew 75p each M7 x 1.00 x 40mm Hex Setscrew 90p M7 x 1.00 Full nut 15p M7 x 1.00 Nyloc nut 90p M7 x 1.00 Dome nut 90p

Usual disclaimer doesn't apply - this is my business interest.

Festina Lente


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Mark Pinkney

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