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A bit of a test, I've had nothing through for 2 days on the onetel server, just checked on Garble groups & seen Peter's request. I've forgotten my signon details so I'll reply here & see whether it turns up on Garble. I've got some 12mm nylon (well, fairly sure it's Nylon - any simple tests?) which is probably big enough, I'll check later. Give us a clue, what sort of accuracy, what's it for?


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Tim Leech
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Slice off a small sample.

Set it on fire with a lighter or similar.

If it froths, burns with a blue flame with yellow tips that goes out if left alone and smells of burnt wool, then it's nylon.

For other ones, google for something like

Or use this one:-

formatting link

The system worked for me when trying to identify the material that the broken HLV dial was made from.

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