Petrol in preservative "grease"?

I've just finsihed unpacking and cleaning my new QCTP, Chinese made BX style; I was surprised to find that the preservative "grease" that the parts are coated in smells strongly of petrol and is oil rather than grease, about the viscosity of 68 weight way oil. Why on earth would they add petrol to the oil or is it something nastier (benzene)? Anyway, it's all removed now and replaced with a coating of slideway oil and the workshop smells less objectionable. Martin

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Martin Whybrow
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Sometimes it is handy to thin grease with something light to help it penetrate (especially if you want to spray it), and then the light stuff will evaporate. Maybe petrol was the cheapest stuff to hand, but it has left its smell - and I don't know what makes petrol smell the way it does, but I have been using it today to clean an engine (outdoors). That smell does need two washes to get it off my hands, even though there is clearly far less than would still be flammable !


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Cheshire Steve

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