proxxon small drilling machine - opinions

Anyone got any views on the Proxxon small drilling machine,


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Chronos want £150, plus an optional x-y table for another £77. (Inc VAT prices)

My model making is stupidly small scale - 1:152 electrically powered model trains.

I guess the question is whether there are better value, or better quality (even at a higher price) small drilling machines. The requirements are a range of speed controls and high concentricity. A single axis of movement on a table would be useful (keep holes in a straight line), though that can be done with a bar clamped to the base. I have a home made tapping machine (to prevent breaking 12-16BA taps) which I should be able to use in conjunction with such a drill.

I still hope to trip over a finished Geo.Thomas drilling/tapping/staking machine in a sale somewhere, but no luck to date. If, by any chance, anyone has one, please contact me via the website below (the mail address on the posting is full of spam, so no longer read).

Nigel ( webmaster for 2mm Scale Association,

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I have been using one for 2 years and find it excellent on both modelling and work related electronics jobs,

Can't say if there are better for the money but very happy with the Proxxon which replaced a simpler RS branded system.

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Henry Springer

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