Saw Bench Refurbish.

After all the helpful comments, I am approaching the end. I
resurrected a 15 Hp. Lister engine from an old cement mixer and this
is now OK. I got hold of some suitable 3 sheaf pullies which required
fitting to different diameter shafts, but that part is all OK even
though the long belt lengths may be a bit too long. The pullies are
about 10 inch drive and 6 inch saw blade shaft but the centres are
about 4 ft apart, is this reasonable?
I plan to mount the saw and engine on two railway sleepers with
lifting hooks on both ends. As I said before, there is a left hand
thread bolt holding the saw blade on the shaft with a pin to stop it
rotating on the shaft. If the pin stops it rotating why is it left
hand thread and which way would it be best to drive? I would by
instinct, drive it so that if the pin should shear then it would drive
the LHT tighter. But why? The teeth of the wheel should also - I
assume push the wood down onto the table. Is this correct?
Would the top of the table have any guides to help the wood slide onto
the wheel so as not to jam? How does one slice up tree trunks, I did
not really consider this before. It needs to cut say 18 inch diameter
trunks into 3 ft. lengths to be useful, and that should be reasonably
safely and quickly! Any comments?
Regards George.
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Without seeing it I would guess that the correct mounting for the blade is so that the LH thread will tend to tighten under load. While the pin is to prevent the blade spinning off if the drive should stall and stop suddenly while on no-load. The latter could be very nasty indeed!
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