Saw bench repair

Hi there,
I wonder if anyone has any ideas about dismantling the drive shaft on
an old saw bench. It is obviously quite old, as I bought it about 30
years ago and it is a flat belt drive. On the frame it says Accrow or
maybe Acrow, (as in Acroprop ?)
Holding the wheel on, is a left hand thread bolt which has lost its
head. It is 5/8 inch diameter and 11 tpi. I need another like this as
it is too short to weld another head on. It needs to be about 1 =BD
inch long. Where could I get one? The bearings are ball and the
shaft needs to be dismantled to get at these.
I have taken some photos and these are shown here:
formatting link

If anyone has any suggestions as to how it comes apart, I would be very
grateful. I have tentatively tapped it and twisted it with a stilson
but I am a bit reluctant to use a lot of force and damage it. I took
out all the screws that seem designed to hold it together, When I do
get it undone I would like to convert to "V" belts but I wonder how
much horsepower I will need with a 3 ft. saw wheel. I have a selection
of engines from 1 Hp. up to 50 to choose from.
Any comments would be very welcome.
Thanks, George.
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I have just had a quote for cutting a 5/8" BSW x 1 1/2" Hex Bolt - Left-Hand Thread - Hi-Tensile, for very nearly 50 quid. Does anyone know of a supplier who may have some in stock? If I can remember well I paid 25 for the whole machine, one bolt would make it a bit expensive.
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